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Subject: Instant Godlike Sexual Confidence (Mind Trick)

When you’re getting down to business with a woman…

Do you ever hear a voice in the back of your head screaming at you:

“Oh my god, please don’t let me finish fast.”

“She’s gonna think I’m such a loser if I blow it in 2 minutes”

“Don’t finish, don’t finish, don’t finish… hold it, hold it, hold it”….

And it all creates an anxiety death spiral until before you know it…

Splat. It’s all over.

Well, did you know there’s a way to shut that voice up forever?

A way to silence those critical, anxious thoughts… and instead have massive confidence?

Go and check it out here:

>> Shut up the “voice in your head” and feel totally confident around hot women, and in bed

Imagine if you could always perform in peace, and never hear that voice in your head “sabotaging” you.

Imagine if all you heard were masculine, sexually assertive thoughts like “Yeah girl it’s time to rock your world!”

If you learn this, that can be your reality in bed… and it’ll be so much easier to get hard, stay hard, and be as sexually powerful as you know you could be.

With calmness in your head, you’ll maintain perfect control, last as long as you want, and both you and her will have an amazing time.

Go see how to do it:

>> Instantly silence anxious thoughts and become a stone cold confident stud in bed


PS: This trick works to make you mega confident talking to attractive women too.

Subject: Irresistibly Attractive to Women in 5 Days

Did you know there’s a powerful “self-programming” technique...

…that makes you irresistibly attractive to women in just 5 days?

It's true.

Eric von Sydow, also widely known as Hypnotica, used this to sleep with over 2,000 women.

>> Subconscious Mind Technique Gives You Unshakable Confidence With Women

This self-programming technique obliterates the negative mindsets and anxiety that cause women to automatically reject men.

Then it programs attractive, confident, masculine mindsets into your brain.

It’s so powerful because women *instinctively* crave sex with confident men

This is a full on “reboot” of your masculine neurology, to rapidly transform any guy to shy or nervous, to having women chase her way into your pants.

This exact technique has been used by some of the most successful attraction experts on the planet:

==> Discover Hypnotica’s incredible technique to skyrocket your confidence with women


Subject: The #1 Attraction Killer (Instant fix)

Have you ever been talking with a woman, and heard a negative voice in your head, doubting you, criticizing you, sabotaging you?

Whenever that negative, critical voice begins to run it’s dirty mouth...

Your body gets automatically flooded with anxiety-inducing neurochemicals. (The body always matches the mind).

Then you get attraction-killing body language, like shaking, quivering voice, weak eye contact, and an awkward vibe.

No matter how hard you try to hide it, or compensate, she’s going to detect it, and she’ll be forced to reject you.

This rejection is a totally automatic female reaction. She has no control over it, because it bypasses logical thought via the “amygdala pathway”.

Then the “fear center” of her brain screams at her “Do NOT sleep with this guy!” “There is SOMETHING wrong with him!”

It’s entirely possible to stop silence this attraction-killer, for good:

>> Incredible mind trick silences the critical voice in your head

The critical voice in your head comes from uncertainties about yourself.

Uncertainties like: “Am I worthy?” “Do I deserve her?” “Am I enough for her?” “Why would she like me?”

Though it’s a FACT: Your mind can change. Your brain can change. You CAN become wildly confident with rock-solid, attractive self-esteem.

It all comes down to one thing - programming new, confident, masculine thoughts into your head.

So when you’re talking to a woman, you’re hearing “I’m a great choice for her”, “She’s going to want me”, “I deserve her”.

And then, because the body matches the mind, your body language becomes automatically attractive and she automatically wants you.

And then she’s going to be the one chasing YOU.

All you have to do, to attract women literally on command, is change the voice in your head.

>> Program unshakable confidence into your brain (and have any women you want chasing you)


Subject: How I Became Confident With Women

I once had an annoying voice in the back of my head telling me:

“Don’t approach her… she’ll never like you.”

“Don’t say that… she’ll think you’re an idiot.”

“You don’t deserve her… you’re not good enough.”

It came from a deep seated lack of confidence. Confidence in myself as a man… and as worthy of women.

Whenever that voice started up, my eye contact was twitchy, my voice was shaky, my hands were sweaty, and my body language was wimpy.

Women either ignored me, treated me like a creep, or flat out rudely rejected me.

I don’t even blame them… women are wired by evolution to immediately reject awkward nervous guys. It’s totally automatic.

It didn’t matter what lines I used, or how hard I tried to “fake” being a high status guy… women detected my

It wasn’t until I figured out how to shut up that negative, critical voice, that women began to like me:

>> How to permanently silence the critical voice in your head

However, once that voice was gone… the way women responded to me was night and day.

My body language and eye contact become rock solid. Unshakable. And my voice was crisp and clear.

And I didn’t even have to learn these things, they just happened automatically. It’s like those masculine powers were already in me, though the negative voice had been blocking them.

Women began treating me exactly like they treat those cool guys, rich guys, and “jacked” guys.

I had women approaching me, starting conversations with me, flirting with me, chasing me…

I even had women who had put me in the friend zone, suddenly tell me “Somethings different about you… we should hang out”.

It was incredible. You’ll love this. I know you will.

If you’ve ever had that voice in your head tell you not to approach a woman… or it’s made you run out of things to say… or made you feel like you weren’t good enough…

…then you need to check this out:

>> Unlock Your Dormant Confidence And Have Women Chasing You Into Bed


Subject: Have you met this Legend?

There’s this super interesting person you need to meet…

You’ve probably heard of him, because he was featured in the original attraction bible, “The Game”, by Neil Strauss. He was Neil’s mentor, “Rasputin”.

He personally developed possibly the single most important secret to making women want to sleep with you.

His real name is Eric Von Sydow, and he is also widely known as “Hypnotica”.

Neil Strauss credits this legend as one of the most influential people in his life. So does David DeAngelo, another important pioneer in the early days of the science of attracting women.

In fact, so do I.

That’s because, before Hypnotica, the majority of people used “canned lines” and “routines” (even magic tricks) to attract women.

Hypnotica made the game changing discovery of how to program your mind to be naturally confident around women.

You should really check out Hypnotica’s incredible teachings:

>> How to become confident around attractive women (and have them chase YOU)

Hypnotica’s unique methods can reprogram a guy’s “neurology” at the deepest levels.

Meaning, a shy, nervous guy can transform into a stone cold stud who women go absolutely crazy for.

I’m talking rock solid body language, a crisp & clear voice, unflinching eye contact, and an aura of powerful masculine energy.

You would be literally floored to see how hot, sexy women faun over you once you have this confidence.

You could walk into a crowded room and feel their eyeballs checking you out, wondering if they have a chance with you.

You’ll love the experience of beautiful women wanting you, chasing you and begging to sleep with you.

Eric is the real deal. His teachings are amazing and life changing. He changed my life, and I’m sure he’ll change yours too:

>> The incredible secret to unshakable confidence around women (for the easiest, hottest sex of your life)

Talk soon,


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